Divorce is a very traumatic experience for most people. We all react differently to the reality that the marriage we created with good intentions to lay out our future is in ruins. You question yourself, your life and your future. What must be realized is that most people around you have had a similar disheartening experience. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds. If you are having trouble coping with the emotional overload that your divorce is causing you then please seek counseling and talk to close friends and family about your emotions and your feelings. Talking through them can be very healthy. Make it a point to get out and try new things. Join some organizations, such as a church or other group, to make new friends and move on. Often, the biggest emotion to overcome is the feeling that you have lost a best friend and a confidant. You were spending all your time with your spouse and suddenly that part of your life is gone. You will need to replace it with other activities and maybe take up some new activities. Join a gym, start doing yoga or pilates.

Surprisingly with time you will find out that life moves on and when a door is shut a window is opened. Life may not turned out the way you expected it to but it is the bitter sweet experiences that teach us valuable lessons and help us to appreciate the good times.

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